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1935 Marriage Contracts

In July 1935, when Lavern and Vivian Keil were ready to be married, they were stunned to find out they were unable obtain a marriage license. A glitch in a new Montana law required a physical examination and promissory doctor’s signature guarantying that neither person entering into the marriage would ever get a venereal disease. No doctor would dare sign such a document because of the repercussion that could be faced! After research and advice, the legal solution was a marriage contract, and so the marriage was able to go on regardless of the flustering law. The official contract was signed and sealed by O.W. Nelson, Notary Public for the State of Montana and was one of the few marriage contracts in Pondera County during the three months the law was in effect. Their marriage contract is just one of the interesting pieces of history from Pondera County that you will see and learn about when you visit the Conrad Transportation and Historical Museum this summer

Museum to Open May16th

With summer right around the corner, we are anticipating the opening of the Conrad Transportation and Historical Museum. We will open May 16th and will be open through the first week of October.

May 1-4pm Mon-Sat.

June-August  Mon.-Fri.  10-4  and 1-4 Sat.

September Mon.-Sat 1-4pm